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Class Descriptions

AIReal Yoga

AIReal Yoga is a play on the word aerial because AIReal Yoga is yoga in the AIR and it really is yoga.  Refine, realign, restore and renew your yoga practice with a hammock as your yoga prop. Learn the techniques of the first and only form of aerial yoga recognized by the Yoga Alliance, AIReal Yoga TM.  Supported by a silky hammock, holding on to you, guiding you and assisting your postures. You will feel light, free and float into the best Savasana you’ve ever dreamed of. Let the hammock help you to refine your mat practice, challenge you, and hold you while you see the world from a different view, upside down.  We will safely guide you on a journey to find your inner child and find you or own self-healing through yoga and aerial. Elevate your practice, Alleviate pain, Exhilarate your soul.

iREST Yoga Nidra Meditation

Integrative Restoration, or iREST Yoga Nidra Meditation, is a modern-day secular adaption of the ancient meditative practice of Yoga Nidra. It is a form of self-inquiry that research shows effectively reduces PTSD, depression, anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, and chemical dependency; while increasing health, resiliency, and well being. iREST Meditation provides us with guidelines for going beyond our self-limiting beleifes and conditioning. Its practice allows us to break free of restrictive patterns, and to live a contened life, free of conflict, anxiety, fear, dissatisfacation, and suffering.
iREST enables us to unravel the mysteries of life, and to answer such questions as: “Who am I?”, “Why am I?”, “What is all of this?”. In its ultimate form, iREST reveals the secret of enlihtment so that we may recognize our Essential Nature as unconditional pure Awareness.

SUP Yoga

Stand Up Paddle Boarding Yoga, takes a floor based practice, like our Raja Hatha practice and challenges your balance by practicing on a paddle board. We will begin our class with an introduction to paddling and safety, you will learn how to stand and paddle on the board, then we will discover our space to practice, drop our anchor’s where we will practice, then you will enjoy our floating Savasana on the board at the end of practice.

Raja Hatha

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Buti Yoga

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